Heliotrope 101/105

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The Heliotrope 105 Power Catamaran offers a fusion of elegance, functionality and space to match your own individual tastes and specifications. Just as you are a unique individual with specific needs and desires, so the Heliotrope 105 is essentially a global cruising platform that can be built and furbished to match your every desire. With unique configuration, equipment, furnishings and facilities that reflect your own specific needs, your new global cruising catamaran becomes a true reflection of your success, taste and high standards.

  • 32.40 m / 98 ft.
  • 12.00 m / 36 ft.
  • 12 Persons
  • 5 Crew
Dumb waiter
Spiral ladders
Access for owner, guests and crew
Jet ski and tender garage
  • Available
  • Rent full day: No . Rent Hour: Yes

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Certainly, the Heliotrope 105 is a perfect world cruiser with great flexibility and spacious luxury able to accommodate and entertain large gatherings of family, friends and guests.
Equally, the unique blend of functionality and elegance is ideal for business use, or even as a waterborne home.

This super yacht is truly a “statement craft” featuring a living room of 135 sqm, topped with the owner’s private suite of over 85 sqm which allows direct access to a fitness room, spa, private saloon, private terrace and dining room including elevator.

The Heliotrope 105’s unique blend of practicality and cutting-edge luxury utilizes both turbo diesel and thru electrical propulsion, as befits an owner who loves the world’s oceans and wishes to foster their protection through responsible cruising and environmental protection.

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