PMG Academy

INTERNSHIP – Vocational School

Besides its core business of building boats, PMG Shipyard is dedicated to transferring its know-how to new generations. Expertise in the business can only be acquired through being in constant contact with specialists in the field, and participation at a fully equipped production environment dedicated to its activity.

Transfer of knowledge will effectively take place whilst in the heart of the action and with the greatest respect for the profession.

We collaborate closely with one of Thailand’s leading colleges for education of professional boat builders, a college that offers a full 3 year course for students to become a shipwright.

Under the supervision of the production manager and with the assistance of the heads of the various departments within the company, the students can participate in on-going activities at the shipyard, to complete internships relevant to their studies.

Each student will be guided through the different phases of boat building, such as:

  • Professional general knowledge (types of vessels, marine engines, knots and rigging, usage of shipyard tooling installations, reporting etc.)
  • Specific knowledge (repairs, maintenance, servicing, manoeuvering and handling etc.)
  • Knowledge of materials and work techniques
  • Technical drafting

Please contact us directly for information concerning the Academy.