1462244815 12 Project 3 H70 Exterior View2 V6

Heliotrope 70 OPEN SKY – Off Plan

The new HELIOTROPE 70 Open Sky powercat by Bakricono offers a unique combination of space, grace and pace.

The fly bridge alone provides 52 square meters of entertainment space, which can be open or enclosed and a roof top that can open to the sky.

Her exterior is contemporary yet gracious. She blends easily with her surroundings be it a marina, a remote anchorage or close to your favorite beach club.

1464858152 13 Project 2 H48 Passenger Day Out (2)

Heliotrope 48 Day Charter

This boat has been specially designed for “Day Charter” trips accommodating medium to large groups and leave ample space for all guests to sit, sunbathe, or move around in comfort and safety.

Alongside the superior performance, open space and elegant-tasteful finish, every model is a statement of our artistry, featuring a sweeping, contemporary feel, yet keeping in mind the Charter requirements.

1557750227 14 Project 1 R38.09 2

Rescue 38 - Completed

The Rescue 38 is as versatile as a catamaran vessel can be. The asymmetric hull has been designed for high speed interventions, reaching 32 knots, that allows for fast planning, excellent sea keeping, stability, safety and comfort in rough seas.

Originally designed as an emergency boat for rescue operation in Thailand, this vessel is intended for heavy duty professional use by the Special Forces, navy, police, customs, sea rescue, ambulance and patrol boat operators.