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The Advisory Team Of Bakricono

Philippe Guénat, Raphaël Domjan, Michael Lopez-Alegria

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PMG Shipyard with 60 foot catamaran being launched

Philippe Raphael Michael

PMG Shipyard was first established in 2004, as a privately held company with Swiss ownership and management, having strong European presence in management and key technical positions with world-renowned members of the advisory board.

Initially, our reputation was built on the production of small leisure yachts. Soon, the word spread about the excellent craftmanship of our tailor-made commercial vessels and moderately sized catamarans, ideal for day out trips.

PMG Shipyard has been expanding over the last years to be able to fulfill an ever-growing demand for luxury yachts from our partners and customers. The yard now owns a totally refurbished shipyard in Rayong, Thailand, 20,800 sq.m. with 8 production buildings. That allows us to have dedicated buildings for each of the production processes. We now routinely build yachts of 50-60 feet and larger.

Members of the technical advisory board:

Philippe Guenat

Philippe M. Guénat, Switzerland
General Manager

Passionate yachtsman, Philippe spent his childhood on the shores of Lake Geneva and soon learned about the joys of yacht racing as well as navigating on high seas.

His vocation as a hotelier and his attraction to tourism have taken him as far as the Orient where he managed various establishments, presided the Hoteliers Commission of Thailand, gave lectures on Business Management and Re-Engineering at the University of Bangkok (Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration). Back in Switzerland, he has been heading a group of hotels. Now Philippe is based in Thailand and brings all his expertise to PMG Shipyard.

As a member of a family involved in a shipyard on Lake Geneva, Philippe quite naturally decided to devote his energy and competence to PMG Shipyard. Keen on solar technology, he investigates high and low in order to become one of the pioneers of mixed energy marine transportation. Philippe oversees the International business development and strategic partnerships. Contact Philippe

Raphael DomjanRaphaël Domjan, Switzerland
Member of the Board

PlanetSolar’s founder is a man of conviction. At the age of 40, he imagined the project and then did everything in his power to make it happen.

PlanetSolar is an extraordinary technological challenge, but it is also a human adventure carrying the convictions of Raphaël Domjan and that of the team he assembled.

Through PlanetSolar and the SolarPlanet foundation of which he is the president, he wants to demonstrate that we have the knowledge, the technology, the resources and enough renewable energies to change and adopt a sustainable approach.

“Tomorrow’s world will reflect todays wisdom” Contact Raphaël

Michael Lopez AlegriaMichael López-Alegria, United States of America
Member of the Board

Michael Lopez-Alegria has more than three decades of experience with the U.S. Navy and NASA in a variety of roles including Naval Aviator, Navy engineering, test pilot and program manager, NASA astronaut, ISS commander and assistant director of flight crew operations.

He left NASA in 2012 and is now the President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation in Washington, DC. Michael Lopez-Alegria holds three NASA records: longest spaceflight (215 days); the greatest number of Extravehicular Activities (EVA) (10) and cumulative EVA time (67 hours 40 minutes) Contact Michael

The Team:

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Dean Thompson, New Zealand
Special Project Production Manager

After having graduated from the New Zealand Shipyard Marine Technical college, Dean has specialized himself in the use of Vacuum Infused Carbon Fiber for racing Sailing Catamaran and other sailing competition all around the globe.

After having graduated from the New Zealand Shipyard Marine Technical college, Dean has specialized himself in the use of Vacuum Infused Carbon Fiber for racing Sailing Catamaran and other sailing competition all around the globe.

P1170409 Rw2 Dxo Deepprime 210x210Caroline Leib, Colombia and Germany
Oversea Sales & Marketing

Caroline has horse jumping for a passion and obtained numerous awards and recognitions until the day she made a move towards the hotel industry.

Gaining extensive experience in hotel management, she specialized in sales and marketing and then as a market analysis manager.

Caroline is our Director of International Marketing and being fluent in Spanish, French, German and English allows her to easily communicate with our customers around the world. She is also holding an ICC Power Yacht Captain License. Contact Caroline

P1170525 Rw2 Dxo Deepprime 210x210Vinussarin (Ja) Pratumchat, Thailand
HR & Administration Manager

With a degree in Environmental Health Science from the Burapha University in 2004, Ja, by her values, which are much about integrity and truthfulness and the preservation of the environment she is a convinced believer of the close relation of the environment and its influence on our day to day lives and the impact they can have on each other.

She leads with a strong and powerful mind all the related to the administration of the Shipyard.

P1170442 Rw2 Dxo Deepprime 210x210Weerayut (Kaew) Pantsuk, Thailand
Project Manager

Kaew graduated as well from the Nakhon Si Thammarat Seaboard Industrial Collegue in Shipwright in 2005. Having spent several years abroad, mainly in Japan, Kaew gained vast experience thru out these last 15 years in all areas related with boat and yacht construction.

In charge of a project from the very beginning until the launch, his particular manner to direct the working team makes him be respected and followed as great leader.