Cora 48 Ferry

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The Cora 48 Ferry is based on the Cora 48 yacht, but has been specially designed for use by hotels, general passenger transport, day charters etc. The boat can accommodate medium to large sized groups and leaves ample, comfortable space for all guests to sit indoor or to move around in comfort and safety.

  • 14.75 m / 48.39 ft
  • 7.23 m / 23.72 ft
  • 0.99 m / 3.25 ft
  • 11,500 kg / 23,000 lbs
  • 24,000 kg / 52,910 lbs
  • 2 x Steyr 260 Hp (2x 191 kw)
  • 20 kts
  • 18 kts
  • 12-15 kts
  • Up to 55 persons
  • Available
  • Rent full day: No . Rent Hour: Yes

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Alongside the superior performance, open space and elegant-tasteful finish, every model is a statement of our artistry, featuring a sweeping, contemporary feel, yet keeping in mind the Charter requirements.

There are two main versions: “Maldives” that has a comfortable interior with sofas for the passengers and great views through the large windows. “Bangkok” that has an commuter style interior with separate, forward facing seats for all passengers. Both versions offer toilets and a kitchen. Please see the picture gallery for illustrations of each version.

Different deck styles, colours etc. are available and can to a large degree be tailor made to the each customer’s requirements.

The Cora 48 Ferry is functional, safe, very stable and comfortable and its general layout includes:

  • Large Galley area
  • Separate Male/Female WC
  • Spacious storage rooms


Thanks to the large quantities of fuel and water as well as her high performance engines, you will be able to have your Cora 48 Ferry longer in service than with most other vessels.

Send your requirement to us. We will check email and contact you soon.