Stainless Steel Work

Bakricono Shipyard is unprecedented for its excellent stainless steel craftsmanship. Countless competing shipyards use them for their excellence and know-how for the conception of various custom-made spare parts.

Bakricono Shipyard can provide any drafting requirement, the conception and production of any type of marine stainless steel part. The highly experienced Thai labourers are trained to cut the profiles. Then, the stainless steel is bent and worked by hand polishing out any marks or bumps left by the machines to obtain the best possible finish.

Marine quality stainless steel 316L mainly from South Africa, Japan and Korea is used for all steel pieces such as hand rails, hinges, spools or any other stainless steel accessories. They are all hand-made on site by the machine operator using German specialised tools of the METABO’s INOX brand including the polishing discs, paste and other cleaning agents.