The people of Siam are famous world-wide for their extremely refined wood-working skills and Bakricono Shipyard has been applying this extraordinary craftsmanship to its high standards of cabinetry.

The art of marine cabinetry demands certain materials and essences such as Teak, Redwood, Asian Walnut, Ash, Oak, Mahogany, Jampa, Takian Thong to name a few in order to accomplish various particular veneers.

Considered to be one of the most precious woods, the Golden Teak is selected according to a specific level of criteria. At Bakricono Shipyard, only material which is certified “Natural Golden Teak” is used for the carpentry. In order to ensure longevity, the greens are selected in the ground.

The workshop is equipped with a wide variety of specialised professional European brand tools (Festool from Germany, Jet from Switzerland, and Makita from Japan).